Saturday, December 18, 2010

Walking, Snow, & Counts

Elias had a decent week. He is really getting his walking feet back. That has been all he has wanted to do though. He has ignored all his toys and just walked and walked and walked some more. He is absolutely determined to get it back. We posted a video from last Sunday night while he showed off for Grandma O.

We had our first big snowstorm of the season this week. It really wasn’t too bad and it gave Elias a chance to try playing with snow in a bowl again. At first he would have nothing to do with it, but it didn’t take long before he kept coming back to and sticking his hand in it. He never tried to put any in his mouth. He is pretty good about that as a general rule though. There are still some traces of snow lingering as the temperatures have been in the single digits most of the week. Brrrrr.

Finally, Elias had IVIG this week. This was also another opportunity to check his counts which have continued to rise. Thank God! We are close to his pre-surgical numbers so the doctors were very pleased. We are still waiting for his IGG level to come back from the lab. It will likely be Monday or Tuesday before that is ready. This will be the determining factor on how often we will need to go back for IVIG. If all is well we will continue with the monthly infusion rather than bi-weekly. Thanks to everyone for checking in on Elias!

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