Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Day After

Elias had another trip to the OR yesterday. This was all the standard follow-up procedures he has from time to time. He did very well during the 6 procedures that lasted around 2 1/2 hours. He woke up from anesthesia in typical fashion with a baseline of lower than normal O2 sats, but he quickly pulled them up by the end of the night. All the doctors were please with what they saw, at least those that could report.

Pulmonary & ENT are happy with Elias airway, that is in Elias standards. There is evidence of slight improvement in the compression, but nothing to get overly excited about. However, with Elias and his airway the smallest of victories is welcomed. Growth still is going to be his best ally towards achieving much improvement. That is something he has struggled with so that will not likely be helping anytime soon. Overall they said given Elias history they would accept this as the most positive overall bronchoscopy & ML&B they have performed. GI scoped him all the way to the small intestines and found no evidence of any fungal infections (which was a concern with all the antibiotics he has been on) or any thing out of the ordinary - again for Elias standards. The TEF repair site continues to look great and the stricture was not in need of dilation. His Nissen looks good as does his G-tube placement. The small intestines were a little tight, but that was expected with the failed colostomy take down and herniation of his bowel. We did not get to speak with Urology so we have nothing to report as of yet and it will be a week or two before we get results from his bone marrow biopsy & aspirate. He has been doing well today, a little tired from lack of nutrition yesterday, but overall his typical playful and happy self. We will update soon when we begin to have results come in from the testing.

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