Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Once again Elias’ blog has been unintentionally neglected. Tons of stuff going on with him right now, both medically and developmentally. We did get our IEP written for Elias to begin pre-school at home this fall. The doctors have said that it will be several years before they will likely seriously consider allowing him in a classroom, but there is the reality it may never happen at all. At home he will have physical, occupational, and speech therapies a few times a month through the schools. He will have an assistive technology person, who coincidently also happens to be a hearing impaired teacher and a pre-school teacher that will come in once a week. Between all those appointments, plus his other PT, OT, & SLP in addition to the therapies at Children’s that alone is going to keep us booked. Throw in the medical and we are in for a challenge. This IEP was rather straight forward and simple to put together. We are removing the cognitive and social elements from his education plan at this time as it is not appropriate for him at the moment. While we were initially surprised with how much service we were able to get, we have been warned to be cautiously optimistic that will remain that way. It has been strongly recommended that in the coming years we get a lawyer that specializes in this area to help with the process. There are advocates out there for parents, but a few trusted sources have said with Elias’ needs we need that extra notch to help oversight and push for his educational needs to be met. As with everything, despite some of the horrible tales, we are taking in everything with an open mind and filtering the lessons learned by us and others. Overall though it appears we are in a good school system for him and we feel positive about beginning this fall.

Medically, Elias is Elias. the good come with the bad and that is all you can hope for. He has had several episodes over the past 3 weeks where he has stopped breathing. It has been since March since we experienced this. He has been keeping us on our toes that is for sure. We are scrambling and cramming in appointments as Elias is having a list of surgeries next week. Why are we scrambling? because GI wanted to (back in March) move his already scheduled surgery up (originally set for June) sooner because of some issues they want to explore inside. It seems as though someone dropped the ball and if it had not been for us following up constantly, we’d still be waiting for a date. So now we are having the surgery about the same times as we would have had we let the airway team dictate. It has been a cluster and frustrating the lack of a plan GI has had with everything. But that is what we are use to and have learned that we much constantly follow up with almost all of his providers for things. It is amazing how much time that takes, which has been a major contributor to the blog being neglected. This round of surgeries has the typical airway bronchoscopies to assess his airway, an GI scope to help with some issues we are having in that area. He will have a cystogram and urethral dilation by urology. They will also be assessing his hypospadias and genitalia region for some potential corrective surgery plans. Finally there will be his annual bone marrow biopsy which checks for early signs of cancer and failure of the marrow among other useful info. There will also be a skin biopsy for a FA research project in New York. It will take a few weeks to hear back on the Bone Marrow results. We do not expect any surprises, but you can never be too cautious with FA. In the near future Elias will also have another MRI as well. We believe that about covers the surface of what is going on the past several unreported weeks. We will certainly try to do better.

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