Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 5 - Closer to Discharge

Elias continues to improve each day. He is behaving like himself and reacting appropriately to actions which is a reassurance that any brain damage is nonexistent or very limited. We have been very happy to see his rapid progress and the doctors have been surprised at the rate he has recovered. While the spinal fluid is still being tested preliminary results suggest that it is a viral meningitis that caused the seizure. They still have him on a broad spectrum of strong antibiotics to ensure they are covering every possible cause. It is likely we will never know the type and source of this. Elias has a MRI scheduled in the morning. We do not expect there to be anything significant to report and we are hoping with Elias improvement they will let us bring him home after the MRI clears him.

Showing us he is better!
One of the other interests of note brought about by this is a possible adrenal insufficiency. This is when the body does not produce adequate amounts of steroid hormones (chemicals produced by the body that regulate organ function), primarily cortisol. It has us thinking that possibly this could be contributing to Elias' breathing episodes as well. We are going to discuss this with his Pulmonologist. It is a long shot, but hey it is a lead right? Back to the insufficiency....They are doing a test in the morning that should clarify if this is indeed an issue. Elias' thyroid numbers have been creating some concern the past month or so and we had planned another check this week before all this occurred. It is possible they were pointing to this. Not that this was the cause, but for those who know Elias and followed us you know that he has a way of showing the doctors answers to questions they didn't even know they were looking for. It has been this way all his life. He is just so nonclinical in so many ways that events like these usually uncover underlying issues. Due to this Elias will likely be taking medication to help manage this. We are meeting with someone from endocrinology in the next day or so for training on stress dosing (recognizing the need for and evaluating). We are building quite the resume for training medical experiences. Elias will also be adding anti-seizure medication as well to his regiment even though they feel the seizure was caused by the meningitis and is not a source of a new issue. We will also be given some training on effectively managing him, but as they pointed out, we did a wonderful job of doing what we did despite not really knowing what to do in this case. It saved his life and maintained his quality of life.

Elias has been his usual come back kid self. We are so grateful for his will to fight and survive. This has been an experience that will impact us forever - in a positive way. Hopefully, it will clear up some other outstanding issues and we can move forward. We are diligently working towards identifying, resolving and stabilizing all of Elias medical complexities and challenges not only to improve these, but give him the best chance to survive his bone marrow transplant when that day finally arrives. His will and fight is already evident, but will his body be up to the test? We believe we are taking a huge step to help that and will continue to do so. Elias has some incredible doctors and they are going to provide him the best chances. They are looking out for him and that gives us confidence. Our faith has been tested time and time again, but we hold strong to it and look towards it to provide us with the solid foundation we need to be the best parents we can for this amazing little boy. Your support, thoughts and prayers have been nothing short of incredible these past few days especially. But we recognize and appreciate everyone of you everyday. It is not always easy, but somehow we always manage to find a way. You provide us the courage and confidence we need to face each day and tackle each new challenge for his sake. As they say..."it takes a village..." Thank you for being one of those villagers.

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