Friday, July 22, 2011

Out of PICU

Over the past 24 hours the overall consensus amongst the doctors is that is looking to be meningitis. This morning viral was ruled out as those are complete and the appropriate medicine discontinued. They continue to treat for bacterial meningitis as we wait for more results to bring a much more clear focal point. He is also receiving a spectrum of other antibiotics to cover other potential infections. They believe this was the source. It was made very clear yesterday exactly how valuable Elias trach was. The reality is if he did not have that Elias likely would not have survived the intensity and length of seizure he had endured. That is sobering and now makes 3 times in his short life we have been close to losing him. Value each day and treasure it.

Yesterday evening Elias became more playful although weak. It is another positive sign. He is back to his home routine with the ventilator on only while he sleeps. He is still requiring oxygen around the clock. This morning he has tried to sit up a few times but doesn't last long - at least he is trying. We have asked for a PT consult which the doctors agreed would be a positive. They want to get an MRI but it doesn't look like today is going to happen. The EEG is also off for now but may be put back on tonight. Given the positives Elias was moved off the PICU onto a less acute floor. One step closer to home. That is all we know at the moment. Thank you all again for the tremendous amount of prayer and support you all have shown. It has been a terrific help during these very stressful days.

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