Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This week has been horrible. It began on Sunday with the sudden passing of an FA patient from complications of the 2 bone marrow transplants he had a few years ago.  Every time another FA patient earns their wings are just somber reminders of how devastating and deadly this disease is. Our prayers are with the Barbier Family as they lay Justin to rest this week. Justin's mom has been a huge support to us and through Elias' journey. Our hearts are very heavy for her loss.

On to a very serious issue and potentially disastrous problem. We received a letter in the mail yesterday that was to notify us that Elias medicaid was being discontinued due to insufficient information provided during annual re-certification. We are not even sure what was supposedly omitted? We have left two voice mails requesting a hearing on this matter, but have yet to receive a response. Tomorrow is the deadline to request a hearing with continued benefits until a final decision is reached. The letter was dated July 11, 2011 yet we received it on July 18, 2011. It should not have taken 7 days for us to get this first off, but the hearing deadline is spelled out in that letter as 10 days from the date of the letter. I will call again in the morning hoping to get a call back or better yet an actual person. If they do not call back tomorrow I am not sure we would be able to get the hearing. This is absolutely critical that Elias maintain his medicaid. Elias has capped out long ago of our primary insurance provider. Without it we are finished and Elias needed treatments are in jeopardy, not that we are not already in financial turmoil from all variables and medical expenses anyway over the past 3 years. A lapse in coverage even briefly could create issues for supplies, equipment and services. Very stressful and worrisome this is, until we get it resolved.

I can not remember if we had mentioned this in a previous update so forgive the repeat if so. It appears the school system has misplaced or temporarily not filed Elias paperwork for enrollment. Without it he can not begin services. This was turned into the guidance counselor at the school prior to the IEP meeting which was April 28th. While it is irritating that the school system office does not have this, our primary concern is the fact that turned in included copies of Social Security Card and Birth Certificate required to register. After a week to allow them time to investigate and locate the file, this week they are dodging my calls and not returning voice mails.

Which leads me to another point. We contacted GI 2 weeks ago about concerns we had. It took them a week to return our call and then we were told his GI doctor was on vacation. If they had been more timely in returning the call that wouldn't have been an issue. So medication was ordered for a week to get by until the doc returned. We were told they would call yesterday to check in and get a report to pass on when the doctor returned today. You guessed it no call. I even asked them if I needed to call in when they originally set the expected phone call up. They said oh no we are making note of it now that won't be necessary. Apparently it was. Today has come and gone without a call as well. So tomorrow first thing I get to call and find out why and what the plan to treat Elias is. His speech therapist was also a no call no show today and while I have left a message with her, again still no call back. Bottom line is that it is becoming increasingly more common for his providers to just not call. Why is that? Are we that busy and if so why would you set an expectation of calling someone and just ignoring it. That is just plain rude and unprofessional, especially when it has been more than one day overdue. I know this is a big rant but quite frankly I am disgusted by the manner in which people provide service and hap-hazardously return phone calls. Sorry for the rant I will end it there.

If all that wasn't insane and hair pulling enough Elias felt like we needed a little more stress. He has begun yet another cluster of breathing episodes. While the number of times he has stopped breathing has been lower than normal (thank God) with everything else, particularly the medicaid problem, everything is a bit more charged. Poor Elias. We hate seeing him like this. It just sucks the life out of him. Hopefully the week will improve, but for now we just watch over Elias and try to go on with business as usual.

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