Friday, July 8, 2011

Art Show Benefit

Last week was a huge week for Elias. His outing to the zoo, Grandma M & Uncle Ryan visiting, and of course our the Art Show Fundraiser that was being put on to benefit Elias and Research. With all that going on we paid for it this week being bogged down with a little more intense schedule to make up for the previous week. All well worth it. The week was amazing for Elias!
Elias was in attendance at the Art Show. We again struggled with the decision to break the rules for the second time in three days. Given the importance of the event, the setting, and a mostly adult attendance we felt like we could really control the environment. Elias was certainly the man of the evening. Dressed in a light blue dress shirt with navy pants and his red Mickey Mouse power tie, Elias captured many hearts. He was adorable! If you follow us on Facebook you may have caught some photos through the course of the evening. If not Do not Fret. You can check the ones we had the opportunity to capture here. He made it through most of the evening before we had to change him. It was very hot with all the people. Towards the end of the night there were raffle giveaways. It was decided that Elias would do the honors of picking the names out of the box. You can see a video clip here of one of the drawings. The event was wonderful. We had an opportunity to explain and share FA with people as well as witness some amazing art work. The group of artist that put this all together did an amazing job and we are very thankful for their time and talents. The show runs for a month. It was a very touching and humbling experience. Elias was received so positively and inspired many. There are so many businesses that donated items, individuals that volunteered and people that deserve a huge amount of thanks. To everyone that participated at any level and attended, we are most gracious for your support.
As we said a very exciting week and Elias did remarkably well. It was worth breaking the rules a little and taking a chance. While it was a success it is something we can not allow ourselves to be lured into a false sense of security. We may try another outing in the Fall to the aquarium, but until then it is back to normal with protective isolation. We were blessed to have these opportunities and Elias had a wonderful time. We will venture out again in time, we just do not want to press our luck. The ability to appreciate this is much more rich because of the circumstances. Thanks to all for the wonderful showing of support and comments. We hope his experiences touched your lives and hearts as much as it touched ours. 

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