Friday, August 23, 2013


Elias’ calendar is filling up….FAST! Medical appointments, surgery, therapies, and school (homebound) are coming in faster than normal. Glancing at the ‘dots’ on the calendar is insane! In September there are 21 weekdays all but 2 of them ( one is Labor Day Holiday) have something scheduled, several days have multiple appointments. There is a little perspective on how non-stop things are.

Elias had his first official day of kindergarten here at home Monday. WOW, really? Kindergarten!Let that sink in for a moment……

He continues to be ‘medically homebound’ per his doctors and it will remain this way for the unforeseeable future. In addition to the various therapies he receives from school, a teacher comes to the home twice a week for an hour each time. As we mentioned Monday was his first day with the new teacher. It went….okay by Elias standards. He participated a little bit, though stubbornly at times, mainly through sabotage and compromise. To put perspective on the lesson, it took the teacher nearly the entire hour to get through the song/activity “Old lady who swallowed a fly.” She had a puppet of the old lady, which Elias had zero interest in, along with small stuffed versions of each animal/bug she swallowed. Communication is still the biggest hurdle we face when it comes to his education. While communication for needs and wants are thriving, the ability to reason with him does not yet exist. We have had some progress with “first this-then that” but with limited activity success-wise. It is definitely a priority and a challenge for everyone to figure out the best way to approach Elias. He learns, obviously, but in his own way and time. Not exactly the education model. Next week Elias will meet his new speech therapist for school. We are excited to see what Elias will achieve this year.

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