Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hospital Admission, Mysterious Illness

Elias was admitted to the hospital yesterday with high fever (which very rare for him) and what we ultimately discovered was his liver enzymes were 10 times the normal limits. 24 hours later his numbers have come down about half. All cultures are negative so far and as usual, doctors are scratching their heads to pinpoint the cause. We just know the IV antibiotics and hydrocortisone stress dosing seem to be making things improve. The consensus is that this is a viral caused event. They have run all the known viral panels as well with all negatives. So it is untraceable with unknown origin. Ultimately though it doesn’t truly matter as long as it is treated positively. We will just have to reassess our precautions with Elias immune comprised state.

As of now Elias is feeling happy and playful. If that continues, his numbers continue to improve,and cultures remain negative we could bring Elias! home tomorrow.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers as well as your continued support.

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