Sunday, September 8, 2013

On Two Conditions

Elias! is home from the hospital this evening. Unfortunately, all is still not well. We were discharged today under the condition that we have lab work done to check his levels first thing in the morning, and should he start to feel poor again, we are to return immediately to the ER for readmission. So why is all not well? To begin with the doctors still have no clue what is causing this. They still believe it is viral in nature, but not every virus is traceable. There is one test pending which results should post tomorrow afternoon. The other issue is overnight Elias!’s numbers went backwards. His liver numbers initially were 10 times normal limits. Yesterday they were 2 1/2 times normal. This had him trending in the right direction after some broad spectrum antibiotics. This morning though, his numbers were higher again. They were not expecting this and it adds more mystery. If his numbers rise in the lab work in the morning we will be adding the liver team into the picture, hopefully outpatient. His white blood cell count was only 2 today and his ANC dropped drastically from 2300 yesterday to 940 this morning.

After a lengthy discussion this morning with his primary FA/BMT doctor we all agreed that Elias! is once again reminding us how medically fragile and complex he can be. We may never pinpoint the cause exactly, but the liver numbers can not stay elevated like this. Thus the possibility of consulting with the liver team. Let us just pray this resolves quickly on its own. We also discussed needing to reorganize, remind & tighten up on the protective immune precautions here at home. Especially with cold and flu season rapidly approaching. We have to do as much as we can to help in prevention across the board. These viruses and infections just hit his body too hard.

It is good to be home. There is something about the healing power, comforts of familiarity and general positive feeling that comes from being home. We are still very concerned about this and hope he heals quickly and easily. As always, Elias!, despite all the negative the numbers imply, is happy, smiling and playing as if all were well. That is what provides us with comfort and peace during times like these.

Bless you all and thank you for all the love, prayers and support through yet another chapter of this journey.

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