Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Watching Close

Elias still is not feeling well. We have held off taking him to the doctor because his blood oxygen levels are fine. We have learned that because of Elias’ trach they will always want a sputum culture, but if you remember the fiasco from about a month ago with that, none of the labs here seem to be able to accommodate such a test. So we end up having to go to the emergency room just for this. It is very annoying! His pulmonologist has the ability, but you can never get a last minute appointment, they too say go to the ER if you pediatrician can not see you. The problem there is they are so over-extended with responsibilities and outside clinics. Since his temperature is back to normal range and the SPO2 sats are looking fine we are simply monitoring. He is a little pale and very sleepy. If there is no improvement by morning then we will have no choice but to go. Hopefully, it is just a little cold and will not turn serious. His face is a little pale but he is trying to be as active as normal, which is always a good sign. He realizes quickly into activity mode that he is not feeling up to it. Poor little guy. Hopefully one more good nights sleep will help him. We however, will not sleep so well as tonight is a new nurse working her first shift.  We will keep you posted as things continue. No news is probably good news!

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