Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Urgent Request for Prayers!

We just got an update about another FA family who is in desperate need for prayers.  I simply copied this from Alicia’s Blog another FA patient who had a bone marrow transplant almost a year ago.

“We would like to ask for prayers for a FA family here in Cincinnati. His name is Stacy, He is five. He was in transplant when Alicia was here, about a month after hers. They were next door neighbors at the Ronald McDonald House for several months. He has been given only hours to live and his parents are having a very hard time, to say the least. He went home about a week after Alicia to Kentucky. While at home, He got a port on Thursday, the site came open and got an infection in his blood (MRSA). He then got pneumonia and was placed on a vent. He was brought back to Cincinnati. It has quickly taken over his body and his body started shutting down. They were told today he has a brain bleed, which they can not find and do not know how long it has been bleeding. His parents Michelle and Mark are holding out all hope and just not ready to let go. They are going to try dialysis the last I heard. Please pray for them!!!
Michelle is having a very hard time with all this.”

This is simply a somber reminder of how unfortunate and terrible this disease can be. We feel for the parents of Stacy and are hoping for a miracle tonight!

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