Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Started Good

While the ER visit went until about 3:30am before admission this morning began with the comfort of a familiar face, Dr Wood, Elias Pulmonologist! He was on service this week on the unit so he was developing the plan. Apparently he, among others among Elias entourage of doctors had been called at home last night so he was already aware of what was going on. Our admission was becauseA little irony for the day? Elias has the central line and 90% of high fevers like this usually are a direct result of an infection to the line. These are dangerous and what we meticulously guard against daily. They are a blessing and a cure because they are a direct shot to the heart, so blood infections can be deadly. And as I typed the brief few sentences prior to this, we just got word from the lab that the blood cultures are indeed growing something, but it is too early to tell yet. This pretty much buys us a ticket for Easter at the hospital and beyond. The FA team had already ordered the starting of vancomycin, gentamicin, & zosin. These are strong wide spectrum antibiotics used to keep infections at bay until the type is identified and the medicine sensitivity identified.

Okay live blogging update now. Elias has woken from his sleep and is sweating profusely and they cannot get a temperature. Not certain if that is because it is too low or what at the moment, but frightening at the moment would be that this is one of the signs of sepsis which is very serious. If you remember our visit to the FA clinic a few weeks back when pagers lit up as soon as we walked in and Elias was swarmed because they thought he might be septic. Elias can be difficult to get temperatures on though at times, so let us remain positive and go with that. Another positive is the three antibiotics are what they would have him on if it were positive that he was septic, so the FA team as usual had their bases covered. All we can do right now sadly, is monitor him and wait.

Elias has not registered a fever all day, but he was in obvious discomfort and very tired. He tried to sit up a few times today, but it did not last long. He was just too weak. He still had some smile and laughs as he always does when he is battling whatever and that is why we admire him so much. We are still very thankful and humbled for the sacrifice Jesus made for us  on this day. It is our faith along with Elias amazing attitude that keeps us in the upbeat frame of mind. Without our faith we would simple break. We will keep you posted.

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