Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cautious Optimism & Reassurance

It appears that we will not know exactly what these lumps we have discussed the past few days truly are. The colorectal doctor simply stated they are nothing to worry about, but there has been no response to the question of what they are that makes him so positive. We had an opportunity to discuss with the FA team and their opinion for now is to agree with colorectal and keep a watchful eye on them. They agree with us that it is odd and a little concerning that another lump has appeared since we began this quest and the fact that no name was given to identify is obscure. They also were confused as to why they just wouldn’t see Elias, but hospital politics again limits that which can not concretely justified. They have a thought that it may be granulomas which are lumpy lesions, but being outside their expertise area they are hesitant to label them as such. Possibly on Monday a doctor to doctor conversation will occur with a more concrete answer. Regardless we are just going to watch for any further changes in size, number, and draining. I suppose there is not much else we can do beside that. From the FA teams point of view their biggest concern or fear would be if they began to open and/or bleed/drain leading to infection, but for now that seems to be the most overwhelming concern. That is something we can live with and be conscious of.

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