Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Positive, Some Concern

Overnight and this morning it seemed as though Elias has improved on the pain, but just a little. He did play with a few toys this morning for a brief time. That is our sign of the small improvement. They began pedialyte today with hopes of getting to formula tonight. Another positive!

This morning while getting pain meds, his O2 sats have dropped. He did not do this yesterday, but twice so far today. Elias has needed oxygen, about 28% (21% is room air) since Friday. We kept him on the vent all day yesterday just to give him some extra help to relax more. We are not certain yet why he is doing this, but the nurse was concerned enough to call the doctors before we even asked. One other concern on the radar is the platelet issue. This mornings CBC shows that Elias drop 2,000 more to 88, which is down from 200 a week ago. His hemoglobin is up so the transfusion helped, but his blood pressure was a little on the low side. We are hoping to wean the pain meds today some. We also have just noticed some blood in his colostomy bag, could this be the source of our problem? Dr Mehta said the numbers suggested that he is still bleeding somewhere. Surgery says he isn't, but they have not seen this blood yet. Ugh! This is truly frustrating. We will keep you posted.
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  1. Praying for Elias. Glad to read every little bit of improvement. Sympathetic when reading every little bit of concern. Barbara


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