Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elias' First Grand Adventure

Yesterday was a day we will never forget. We broke the rules a little and pushed the envelop. With Grandma M here for a visit we decided that if the sun, moon and starts lined up we would take Elias to the Zoo! With all his medical issues and his tenuous airway, Elias is really not able to safely be in public. At the same time he deserved this opportunity. The weather was perfect. Low pollen, mid-80's, sunny, no humidity...everything we needed to make it a reality and it happened. Elias had an AMAZING TIME. We focused so much on him and how he was taking it all in we do not remember much about the exhibits. It was so nice and beyond words. The highlight was the tigers and monkeys for Elias. He enjoyed them the most it seems. We made it about 4 hours before it became too much. It was also a great place to go because it is literally right behind the hospital, so that was comforting to know if we failed he was close to help. It took a lot of finagling of his feedings and extra fluids for hydration, along with lugging all the emergency gear, O2, suction, etc but so worth it. It is not something we can do often, but we will treasure this memory. We have posted some unedited photos to share. We will work on cleaning them and cropping etc later, but these are too good not to share. We hope that you enjoy these.

Elias at the Zoo!

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