Monday, June 27, 2011

It is becoming more and more challenging to keep this blog updated. It seems as of late the schedule has been so hectic along with "stuff" (like Elias not breathing for example) just hitting us with the old 1-2! The fall isn't shaping up to be any easier, in fact it will be more nuts with the addition a preschool services here at home. We have been exploring other possibilities that might be easier, for instant - audio updates. If anyone has any suggestions we are open.

Since the last update Elias has had several more clusters of breathing episodes. Usually on the weekends it seems. It is as if he knows! Last weekend they began Friday at 4:30 and continued through Sunday Morning. So he has now had periods where he stops breathing 4 out of the past 6 weeks. This is the most frequent we have seen them in quite a while. All we can do is manage and try to keep the stress to a minimum during those times.

Elias has had a few sessions with his new speech therapist. It is a growing process and will take some time for them to learn to work with each other, but there has been some positive things already. We are working to expand his vocabulary with the picture exchange. At times the little stinker will turn it into a game of keep away as he smirks at you. He is a joker so watch out. In his listening therapy yesterday we witnessed something very interesting. She had a plane and a train. She showed and played with each individually with him. With airplane she would make an 'ah' sound before showing the plane. Then in the same manner did a Choo Choo sound with the train. She then presented both but rather than ask which one he wanted she made the ah sound, in hopes he would choose the airplane, and he did. We were not convinced fully that this was not merely a coincidence, so she did it again. Same result. So to try and substantiate what we saw she presented the two again, but this time made the Choo Choo sound. Elias just looked at her and did not do anything. She made the sounds again. After a few times he finally reached begrudgingly and touched the train, as if to say okay okay there is the train can we move on. So we are going to try that experiment over the next few weeks to prove it was not an accident. That he is beginning, ever so slowly to recognize even more sounds and correlated them to the appropriate item. If he continues to prove this theory correct it would be a HUGE step. So here is to praying it was real and effective.

Another issue keeping us from the blog updates is constantly having to chase down and follow-up on things that we are told have been done or should be done by various providers. One example, we are having issues once again with Elias' prevacid an the insurance needing prior authorization. The problem hasn't been so much getting the authorization in as it has been getting to the right person. This is due to the incompetence of the pharmacy providing us with the wrong information on what was needed, not once, not twice, but three times in the past 10 days. On top of that they have contradicted themselves in the information proving that at times they were just saying whatever to placate us and move us on for the moment. Ultimately this has cost them our business and frustrated the doctors office handling the PA, as they caused them 3 times as much work, most of which was not necessary. The part that truly angered us was not only the deception, but the lack of concern or willingness to ensure the information was communicated in a timely manner, as this medicine for Elias is potentially life or death. Why? One of the theories behind the breathing episodes is that reflux temporarily paralyzes the vocal chords, which creates a reaction causing him to stop breathing. He did have a cluster of episodes in the 10 days he has been without. Hard to say for sure, but if that is a physicians theory on the table for the unexplained along with very few others, you tend to take them serious, despite what you believe. Fortunately this morning we have filled the Prevacid and he will be receiving this once again.

This past weekend Katharine's mom and brother came to town for a visit. They will be with us for a week. Katharine's Aunt, Grandmother, and cousin flew up on Friday to surprise everyone. They were here until Sunday. It was a fun time surrounded by family. Elias was having such a blast. He barely stopped the whole weekend. He did have a blip on Saturday night, and was not doing so well, but bounced back by morning. Just reminding us that he is still medically complex is all. He showed off and demonstrated all the wonderful skills he is learning. The bubbles with the picture exchange for communication was by far the crowd favorite. There are some photos that we will work on putting up soon. We will update when we can and who knows maybe we will figure out an easier way. As we said we are open to suggestions if anyone has any.

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