Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raspberries & Smiles Are Back

Yesterday yielded some positive points for Elias! He has started doing his raspberries and flashing smiles again. Those were welcomed sights and sounds. His color is beginning to return and the area around his eyes are beginning to look closer to normal. Late yesterday evening we even caught Elias “standing” on his knees a few times. You could tell he felt woozy in the head so all those attempts were short lived. At least he is trying. Hopefully in a few more days he will be sitting and standing up again. We were able to for-go any pain medicine as well. That was a little surprising to us considering his incision site is open. We realized we neglected to mention that part in previous updates. They purposely left his incision open to help it heal faster and reduce the infection risk. They used the same incision line for both the surgeries. So we are packing and covering it with a wet to dry gauze. This is certainly slowing down his mobility progress a bit. We expect there to be more signs of normal life returning today as he gets stronger each day. We increased his continuous G-Tube feeding rate slightly yesterday as we begin working him back towards getting him time off the feeding pump and his old regiment.

One final thought and prayer request to share. We mentioned Joshua Lytle in our previous update. Sadly he passed away at 6:15 pm Thursday. As his mother stated, “FA may have claimed his body but not his spirit. Heaven has gained a new superhero angel who glows green and shoots fireballs.” Please pray for peace and comfort to surround this family. We Thank You!


  1. My sincere sympathy for Joshua's passing. Prayers exactly as you requested - for peace and comfort to his family, and for you as you adjust to another loss.

    Happy to read the many signs of Elias' healing.


  2. So glad to hear Elias is doing better!! You all stay strong !! Love to you all!!


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