Monday, November 8, 2010

Surgery update #1

Elias has been in surgery since about 1130am. The colostomy reversal portion. Which is the longest segment is last and being done now. Pulmonary and ENT did bronchoscopies and urology did a cystostogram with urethreal dilation.

Those three are complete now. The airway team said that not much has changed and they had hoped to see some improvement, but haven't. Elias airway is still very flat, small, tenuous, and at risk. They are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how this child is breathing as well as he is. We will accept the gift that he is giving and continue with caution as we have been. So that is positive despite no physical change. What we really need, and the emphasized this again today is for Elias to grow! Damn FA and its growth issues! It will make our GI appointment next week interesting.

We will update again when Elias is out of surgery and we know more about his colostomy reversal.
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  1. Good! Awesome news......but God knows how that precious baby is breathing! You are both awesome! No shovel needed! LOL! Love you guys and hang in there! I would love to hold that precious baby and get some sugars!


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