Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting Back On Track

Things here have been busy. There have been a lot of follow-up and make up appointments to cram in before Christmas. The platelet antibody test came back positive, which is bad. It does provide an explanation for the dramatic drop. The good news is the counts are trending up despite the antibodies and IVIG is the first treatment, which Elias is already getting. The FA team is just going to continue to monitor his counts and increase his IVIG if needed.

Elias has improved a great deal, mostly in the last few days. He is beginning to get his energy back and becoming more active. The smiles, fishy kisses, and raspberries are back stronger than ever. He is also beginning to get back to walking. Wednesday night he was so determined and it was like watching him take his first steps all over again. He still is not walking as easily as he was before surgery, but her is able to walk across the room and spin around as well. When he stops it is more from fatigue than not being able to keep his balance and footing. That frustrates him a little, but he rests and then pulls himself up on the nearest stable object and goes again. We are glad we have not had to prompt him to do this and he is working this out on his own and at his pace. It shows his determination and will to conquer.

We have another busy week ahead with several appointments in the mix. It has been exhausting to be quite honest. We are still trying to recover just from being in the hospital so long and now this crazy intense schedule we have going on. Last week Elias also tested positive yet again for his chronic C-diff. Back on the vancomycin he goes. They are going to try a taper off it this time to see if that helps keep it at bay longer. We also started Diflucan to see if we can control and eliminate the feeding issues we have been battling where he sweats and retches with occasional vomiting. His GI doctor has a theory that with all the varied antibiotics Elias has had to be on almost constantly along with the colonization of different things in his body, that might be the cause. The Diflucan will treat certain types of those most commonly known to create issues like this. If after some time we are not seeing improvement they will likely scope Elias’ esophagus and stomach. Let us hope the Diflucan is the answer. We also had a day with about five apnea spells. Fortunately, they were relatively easy to manage and bag him back without having to go on oxygen. We have learned to just accept these as a stress in our life that isn’t going away anytime soon. All in all we are just staying busy, trying to get rest when we can, and generally trying to keep our head above water. We hope everyone’s holiday season is going well.

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  1. Elias is in my prayers. Glad to read the progress and believing there is more to come. Barbara


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